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VUSAWTHIS is an art incubator and a virtual Gallery.

We help clients access original art investments from a diverse and inclusive community of artists that we represent.


We help early-career artists develop their practice, so they are sustainable and resilient.


We support the art community so we all can tap into new voices, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Image by Vincentas Liskauskas


Vu Ngo is an art lover. Art has always play some kind of role in his 20-year career in technology and entrepreneurship. Art incubation is the marriage of these two passions. 


Vu values ideas as equally as he values the esthetics of art and design. They are intertwined and great art has both.

VUSAWTHIS came about as a response to his anxiety about where the world was heading during a global pandemic and heighten political divisivenessHe believes art has the ability to not only inspire and delight us but to bring us new perspectives and broaden our horizon of what is possible. 



Getting to Know Us

If there was one word to describe what you are trying to achieve with VUSAWTHIS; what would that word be and why?

Diversity: We all need to surround ourselves with a more diverse set of art in all it’s forms to better reflect who we are as a person. Representation in all it's forms matter. Seeing your deepest thoughts and ideas reflected in Art is life changing.

How is art incubation different than a traditional art gallery?

Aside from the fact that we are 100% digital, we are building an organization with no traditional connection to the legacy art world. There are no intermediaries between you engaging with us and the artists. We work collaboratively to meet your specific needs. We foster transparency and directness.

Since our key strategy is to build relationships with early-career artists and  target nascent art collectors, incubation is a natural approach to growing the health of the art community. For our artists, Vu leverages his business experience to mentor these artists on a wide range of topics form IP protection to pricing to personal branding. For our clients, Vu is a trusted advisor with years working with executives and creative professionals to help bring their vision to life. 


Our goal is always to build long term investments on both sides of the equation. Artists need collectors who invest in their careers and ideas for the long term. Art collectors, art buyers and designers need to know they are making good investment choices, both from an intangible perspective and a more tangible benefit that their investment has a good chance of growing in value over time.

Do you have any specializations?

Yes. Three areas of focus that are meant to maximize art investment returns for our clients.

  1. We source globally for early-career artists in emerging markets. We are particularly interested in helping our clients secure large scale works from these artists. It is no secret; large scale works of early-career artists represent good value and high potential for returns over time.

  2. We have identified India as a great source of undervalued contemporary artists.
    Three reasons for this:

    • Art Basel sees India as a potentially high growth region. The number of Indian Art Galleries participating in Art Basel Hong Kong has increased year-over-year. We speculate that Art Basel will explore regional opportunities in India once it reaches a tipping point helping to solidify that region’s art reputation internationally.

    • There are many great artists and too few galleries in India.

    • At present, there is a limited local market for early-career artists. This is an incredible opportunity for art collectors and buyers looking for high quality works.

  3. We seek to find unique art that is rare and novel to the North American Market.
    An early find is discovering the awe-inspiring beauty of large-scale contemporary Indian woodcuts. These are unique to the North American market and we believe once you see them, you will want them in your collection. The sheer size of these prints delivers a visual impact that is unique and different to that of owning a large canvas. The scarcity and rarity of these prints will drive up their value.

Art Gallery


Access to High Quality Original Art
  • As we source our artists' relationships globally you can be assured access to works and ideas that are diverse and complementary to what you can find in your local markets.

  •  View these artists work in a 3D virtual gallery that is curated so you understand their intentions and perspective

  • Zoom with these artists to understand where their art practice is going and if they are a good fit for your collection and/or for your client project.

Image by Matthieu Comoy
Art Consultation
  • Seasoned Art Collectors - Leverage our global sourcing to diversify your collection. Connect with us on who in our network we believe are good investments and who should be on your radar.

  • New Art Collectors – Let us introduce you to the exciting world of art and help you secure that first piece within your budget, aligned to your values and has the best opportunity to hold its value and growth potential over time. 

  • Designers, Developers & Architects – Art installation breathes life into your projects. We understand budgeting, project management, on time delivery and value for money to ensure you get exactly what is needed for your clients and at the same time securing that work of art that touches them deeply. We can help you balance all those priorities.

Commissions & Custom Projects

This is where we shine. Art is one of the best ways to celebrate a milestone, celebrate a legacy or collaborate with an artist to come up with an image that will take your breath away.


Commissioning art is not ‘ordering custom art’; it is a collaborative creative process that leads to a work of art that satisfies your needs and still respects the artist’s creative process and perspective.  

Image by Khara Woods
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