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Ankita Gopale

Artist Profile

Ankita (b. 1996) is a painter based out of Chhattisgarh.


Statement of Work

As a young women artist, I take great inspiration from Amrita Sher-Gil, the Indian-Hungarian painter who was a pioneer in modern Indian art. Like her, I focus on studying and exploring the humanity of being a woman – our struggles, our wants and our needs from our vantage point.

I want my art practice to contribute to the dialogue about the changing perception and role of a women in society.  Love and compassion are themes core to my view of the world and my belief that women and mother nature are sources of all love. With love, change can happen.


Masters of Fine Arts - Painting

  • Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya (IKSVV) class of '21


Bachelors of Visual Arts - Painting

  • Indira Kala Sangit Vishwavidyalaya (IKSVV) - 2018

Exhibitions & Participations

  • State Art Exhibition Pravesh 2020 at Raipur Government Museum

  • Youth art gallery online exhibition, Kolkata 2020

  • Annual arts exhibition 2019I.K.S.V.V.Khairagarh  

Awards & Achievements 
  • S.H. Raza Gold Medal National Award (2019)

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