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Certificate of Authenticity

Each artwork you acquire will come with a certificate of authenticity (COA) issued by VUSAWTHIS.ART. The document is signed by the artist or the gallerist authorizing that your piece of art is original.

The COA will include the name of the artist, the details (title, date, medium, dimensions) of the work in question, and an image of the work.

In the case of prints, the COA may often be signed by the printmaker who collaborated with the artists or gallerists on the work. Print COA will include details related to the edition.

Why is authenticity and a COA important in art?

An original work of art is considered by the art market to have a higher value over a reproduction because it contains this authenticity. A COA certificate proves that a work of art was created by the artist, which could be important in determining the provenance and relative value of the work should it be sold later on, particularly as the artist become well-known and valued in the art market.

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