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Tavleen Kaur Lall

Artist Profile

Tavleen (b. 1995) is a painter based out of New Delhi.

Statement of Work

Recognizing the potential my moralistic instinct that art moves through the duality of known-unknown into the realm of the beyond, I paint a work of abstract formations that carries the essential creative and diverse emotion in concrete forms resonating through colors and lines.


‘I express many phases of life and different states of mind through colors, but I don't struggle in finding a topic and then expressing it. on the contrary,  I struggle in the process of creating and projecting my inner thoughts and feelings through colors, lines and composition as a whole. Astonishingly ,I see they are ,in some ways ,self portraits of me in different frequencies of life.’


Indeed, Nature has always inspired generations of explorers. Continuing with this tradition, going deeper into the creation of form, is where I derive my inspiration. It is within me where this nature thrives. My artworks are highly inspired by everyday context, visions, and the never-ending entropy of memories enveloping the Hidden. Like every phalange makes our hand, every form in its rarity plays a crucial role in embracing the intuitive instinct of my mind and the ways I want to perceive it. Following the theme of 'deeply embedded', I have endeavored to find new scopes to reach the epicenter of what makes us 'us'.


‘My desire is to create authentic paintings that emotionally and psychologically charge views out of normal habits of seeing things and also to expand their perception of things around them. My inspiration comes from the ideas and emotional drift of artist like Kandinsky , Picasso, Gorky or Rothko and not alone by their paintings.’


The discovery and analysis of my formations have faithfully led me to derive the intensity of my inner world. Appearing one upon another is richly explored and put together rigid and fluid form and composition with dissolving and misty backgrounds, to hold in the vividness of my imagination. My recent works are much  bigger in scale than others. This has proven to be very rewarding in my exposure to the massiveness of form, where the flow of my hand is my arm and my arm is my body. And so, with the movement of the eye and neck, the viewer can be consumed into, quite like when I was making them. Another character of my works is to change from one form, nature, or substance into something different, something better, in terms of the shape of the canvas, the surface of the paper, using various stitched cloth, or even carved wooden boards. Throughout  this transmuting voyage, I have been turning since.


Masters of Fine Arts - Print Making

  • College of Art, New Delhi, 2020


Bachelors of Fine Arts - Painting

  • College of Art, New Delhi, 2018


  • Group Workshop and Exhibition 'Matdaata Utsav' Organized by District Delhi Officer, New Delhi (2020)

  • Solo Exhibition, 'Saar Garbhit', at Triveni Gallery, Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 110001 (2019) show Curated by Eminent Artist - Mohan Singh

  • Group Exhibition 'Think Culture Conclave' by Think Culture Foundation, at Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. (2019)

  • 92nd AIFACS, All India Annual Art Group Exhibition (2019)

  • Group Exhibition and Workshop Of 'Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride I' By NDMC, Outer Circle Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001. (2017) Exhibition Of 'Triumph of Masterworks: Our National Pride II'By NDMC, Outer Circle Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001 (2018)

  • Actively exhibited at College of Art, New Delhi (2014 – 2019) Painting Workshop and Group Exhibition at Kaladham Studio, Greater Noida (2017)

  • Actively Participated and won numerous Inter-school and Inter-house art competitions (2010 – 2014) Awarded with medals and certificates in many.

Awards & Achievements 
  • 92ND AIFACS AWARD (2019)

  • All India Annual Art Exhibition

  • Numerous Merit Certificates on College and school level.

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